Easter Island - March 2011

walks and car Easter Island

We covered the island with a judicious mixture of walking and a rented car for 24 hours. Below is a summary of what we did each day which takes you to a page with a full description and lots of photos. The red lines are by car, the blue are walking.

Day 1. Land at 6am on LAN flight from Lima. Greeted with floral necklaces by Kia. She takes us to Te'Ora where we are staying, and then drives us round the town to get our bearings. We top up with groceries and later walk to Ahu Tahai on the northern edge of the town

Day 2. Explore the town in the morning, pick up the rented car from Oceanic ($60 for 24 hours) and drive along the east coast of the Island, stopping to look at most of the Ahu along the way. We drive back along the road which runs through the centre of the island. Eat at Taverne du Pecheur.

Day 3. We still had the car for the morning, so we drove to Ahu Tongariki to watch the sun rise. On the return route we visited the Ranu Raraku quarry, and took the dirt road via Puna Pau quarry and Ahu Akivi to get back to Hanga Roa. We returned the car at lunch time. In the evening we went to a South Sea dance show.

Day 4. A walk past Ahu Tahai to visit the Museum, and the rest of the day to explore the town

Day 5. We went to the recommended Sunday church service in town at 10am. Then a long walk north along the coast to Ahu Te Pu

Day 6. Walked up the Ranu Kau volcano, and took a picnic, which we enjoyed sitting on the edge the eastern rim with a view to the two small off-shore islands.

Day 7. Walk to Ahu Vinapu - it is at the eastern edge of the runway. Recommended for its "Inca" stonework. It is further than you would think!

Day 8. Morning at our Te'Ora room. We left the island at 1pm on LAN flight to Lima. Then straight on to Madrid and from thence to Alicante.

Restaurants we used Eating on Easter Island is expensive, is bad value for money, and there is the tendency to find unannounced items on your bill.

Te'Ora the place where we stayed, and would recommend.

Easter Island