Day 4 on Easter Island

We set out in the morning to visit the museum, a task that was easier said than done. To find it you walk out of town, past the cemetery, and past Ahu Tahai. At that point we got lost as we should have been right on top of the museum, but it was nowhere to be seen. Eventually, after enquiring the way a couple of times, we found it. The museum contains displays of various artifacts and explanation boards telling one about the evolution of the island geologically, and then its history since being populated. Its prime exhibits are the only genuine moai eye found (it is made of coral) - the one on a nearby re-erected moai is a reproduction glass eye , a female moai, examples of petroglyphs and a genuine Rongo Rongo tablet.

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To get to the museum you walk out past the ahus at Tahai, and if you are like us, ask the way there.
Original moai eye of coral An unusual female moai A rongo-rongo tablet
Examples of petroglyphs from .. across the island, with a bit of help from Photoshop contrast

In the afternoon we explored the town

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Chilean police waiting for trouble Napa Nui Parliament complaining about Chilean colonisation
restored old island jail Shop where we bought bread Town church
Typical street scene Hanga Roa The little port in Hanga Roa Cemetery

Dinner at La Kaleta restaurant on the harbour

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That's it on the left and we sat .. and watched the sun set over the ..sea as we had our dinner

A really wonderful position at the end of the pier at the harbour. You dine on a deck right on the sea, and watch the sun set as in my photos above. The food was good, and of an average price by local standards (that is expensive by normal standards!)

We had problems with the staff being a trifle aggressive, in "allowing" us to sit in a half empty restaurant. They also told us in no uncertain terms that we could not pay by credit card - we did not want to anyway. And when the bill came, they added 10% "optional" charge that had not been declared in the menu. I declined therefore to give any tip - they would have got one otherwise.

Another odd thing was they would not give me a wine list so that I could see the prices, the waitress just refused. So I ordered beer, rather than take the risk of a tourist rip off. You pays your money and takes your choice with this place Good position, reasonable food, appalling service

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