Restaurants we ate in on Easter Island

Easter Island is expensive for most things - it is thousands of kilometres from Chile and virtually everything has to be brought in by air. On top of that a rather unfortunate "milk the tourists" philosophy has arrived in many restaurants. Tipping was not part of the way of life here until the last 2 or 3 years, now restaurants seem to believe that they can extract 10% from you without informing you on the menu, and without delivering anything that you could describe as "service"

You will will end up paying, in 2011, around $70 for two in most restaurants, by the time you have had a beer and they have whacked on additional charges. We found that one could buy from the mini markets and eat in our accommodation for a much more reasonable price, and enjoy the meal and the surroundings more

We ate at

La Taverne du Pecheur

taverne du pecheur, easter island

OK, given the reviews on TripAdvisor, why did I and so many other people eat here? The short answer is the position, on the seafront at the port. You cannot miss it at night, and it looks really attractive. Actually there is no "sign" of its name visible at night, so yo do not know about its "reputation" when you go in.

After that most of the things that other reviewers say happen, do happen. Though I thought that the food was good.

We were further put off by the unannounced addition of 10% service charge for what was poor service, I just took it off the bill. Other diners were also appalled by this addition - one couple had eaten there the night before without the addition on their bill. Mean and grasping!

I went to the tourist board about these 10% unpublicised additions, and when I told them that one of my problems the tourist board man rolled his eyes and told me that most of the complaints they get are about this restaurant for one reason or another.

Au Bout du Monde

au bout du monde

All Easter Island restaurants are a little bit eclectic/eccentric, and this one is too - sort of Belgium meets Rapa Nui.

We chose to go on one of their "non show" nights, as we did not want a show. The food was excellent, and the view from the balcony was superb as we watched the sun set over the sea. The service was friendly and efficient. The restaurant was, by European standards a bit "basic" it its decor and table settings.

As with other local restaurants, the prices are not cheap, and they add an automatic 10% for service, which is robbery, but they at least have the goodness to put the fact on the menu, which 2 other restaurants we ate at did not. This 10% on the bill is not part of local culture, but has become over the last few years to be deemed obligatory by restaurants.

Having had my moan about the10%, the food was the best we ate on the island, and the staff were the friendliest, and the view was wonderful. So I would recommend it.


We had dinner here.

It was good value for money - the fact that the restaurant is on the main street and not the seafront, keeps the price down. The staff were pleasant, and no 10% service charge appeared unannounced on the bill

The sea front restaurants certainly offer better views, but this offers better value for money.

La Kaleta

kaleta restaurant Easter island

A really wonderful position at the end of the pier at the harbour. You dine on a deck right on the sea, and watch the sun set as in my photo above.

The food was good, and of an average price by local standards (that is expensive by normal standards!)

We had problems with the staff being a trifle aggressive, in "allowing" us to sit in a half empty restaurant. They also told us in no uncertain terms that we could not pay by credit card - we did not want to anyway. And when the bill came, they added 10% "optional" charge that had not been declared in the menu. I declined therefore to give any tip - they would have got one otherwise.

Another odd thing was they would not give me a wine list so that I could see the prices, the waitress just refused. So I ordered beer, rather than take the risk of a tourist rip off.

You pays your money and takes your choice with this place Good position, reasonable food, appalling service


It gives you some idea of local prices when we paid $11 a head for a coffee and a cake. It is a pleasant setting overlooking the small harbour, but probably best just for an ice cream

Kaimana Inn

dance show easter island

We went to a "show" here in support of musical instruments for the youngsters on the island, and had a meal while the entertainment was going on. The restaurant (it was a hotel as well) was family run with friendly service on the slow side of laid back.

The show was the current rendering of Rapa Nui culture, and is difficult to say how genuine it was, but was none the less enjoyable, as long as one avoided getting hauled out of the audience to dance (why on earth is this de rigeur these days for all shows of this sort anywhere in the world)

The meal was unmemorable, to the extent that I genuinely cannot remember what I had to eat.

Haka Honu

We enjoyed both sundowners (Pisco Sours) and dinner at this restaurant. For me it offered the best value for money that we came across on the island, and the service was really friendly. Perhaps this was why it was the only restaurant in town that was packed. In a town where every other restaurant struggled to get 2 or 3 tables, we had to wait for a table here.

Like all other restaurants on Easter Island, it is not "sophisticated, to the extent that the surroundings are basic, but one you sit down and let the magic of the south seas take you over, it is a great place to dine and to sit.

It overlooks the sea, so was a really nice place to watch the sun set. The serve beer in ice frosted glasses from the freezer, which impressed me!

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