Day 8 on Easter Island

We spent the morning round Te'Ora, then had to check in at the airport. Kia ran us out there, and we got the bags checked through to Madrid. Then back to Te'Ora where we were invited to have lunch with Sharon and Kia, and delicious it was too.

Then back again to the airport to fly out. Strange place Rapa Nui Airport, built by the Americans to take nuclear bombers, it is a full length runway, but only gets one or, at the most, two flights in a day. So the terminal does not have too many people in it, and one wanders out to the LAN aircraft in a fashion that would make a European security man weep - but to me it was just like going back to flying as it used to be.

The aircraft took off over the town and we had a good view over Hanga Roa, before heading west for Lima, where our transit was only just over an hour, and from Lima on to Madrid, Alicante and home eventually, over 24 hours after leaving Easter Island.

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A relaxed airport at Hanga Roa with the charm of this sort of small tropical airport. You walk out to the plane

Easter Island Diary