Day 1 on Easter Island

Our LAN flight from Chile arrived at 6am and we were met by Kia from Te'Ora, where we were staying. I was impressed that she was cheerful at that hour of the morning, but we felt a bit guilty at getting the poor girl out of bed. Anyway we were garlanded with a necklace of fresh flowers and whisked off to Te'Ora

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airport rapa nui Te'Ora te'ora kia and bears
Easter Island Airport Te'Ora View from our balcony Kia meets our bears

We dropped off our bags and waited chatting for an hour or so. There was a rather bizarre incident when two tourists appeared out of the darkness, wearing miners type lamps on their heads, one on crutches, enquiring if Sharon had a spare room - this before dawn. Eventually dawn broke - Easter Island is on a add time zone - it is running on the same time as Peru, but should be 2 to 3 hours different - hence dawn and dusk are at 8 rather than 6. Sort of permanent double summer time.

When it was light Kia whisked us round the town by car, to give us the layout and point out things like banks and markets as well as restaurants. There is no ATM in the airport, but the two banks in Hanga Roa handle Visa (Santander Bank) or Mastercard (Banco Estado). So we were able to arm ourselves with Chilean Pesos - the conversion rate of about 500 Pesos to the US Dollar makes it fairly easy to see what sums in Pesos mean

By the time we got back to Te'Ora our room was ready. More about Te'Ora here, it is right on the sea, and we really loved our stay here. Apart from the fabulous view from the balcony, our studio flat had a sitting area with a sofa, and a kitchen area with dining table.

So, once installed, we headed back out on foot to get some food. The town has 5 or 6 mini-markets, none are particularly large, but offer a reasonable selection. The Food Market on the main street has fruit as well. Prices do not seem to vary between the mini-markets, so you might as well shop in the one nearest you.

After lunch back in Te'Ora, we headed out for a walk, across town and to Ahu Tahai, which was about a 20 minute walk from home.

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Ahu Tahai is a complex which .. ..we could see, in the distance.. ..from our balcony. It had ..
.. a number of moai, including . with eyes and another ..separate ahu

After that it was supper at the apartment and an early night after the night on the plane

Easter Island Diary