Life 1973

We move to Phipip Morris in Lausanne.Stephen is born 11 Nov 1973 in Lausanne

I had just accepted a job with Philip Morris, but there was a delay in getting us out to Switzerland. In the end we gave them an ultimatum on timing, as Chris was by now heavily pregnant. The result was that we were installed in a hotel in Lausanne, which turned out to be Stephen's first home. He lived in the bottom drawer of a chest until we moved to a very nice flat - the company's president's flat which was vacant at the time

Stephen, born in November, was quickly followed by Joanna, born the following September. We should all have moved to nGermany, my next posting with Philip Morris, but Joanna was in intensive care in Lauasanne for 3 months. So we did not move for some time, and in fact only lived in Germany (Friedrichsdorf, near Frankfurt) for a few months before we moved on to London

When Stephen was only a few weeks old, Chris broke her knee very badly sking in Verbier, and was in hospital for 6 weeks. The knee never really recovered and dogged her through the years.


La Residence Hotel - where we were living when Stephen was born Clinique Charmette where Stephen & Joanna were born Our apartment in Av Leman was hig in this building


  Richard Soper took these for a marketing talk on the new IBM home computer. The phone pluged in to give the connection to the mainframe  


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