Life 1974

1974 saw Chris recovering from he broken knew, and Joanna born in Sept. Our move to Germany ws delayed as Joanna was kept in intensive care for 10 weeks. She had only been 1200 grams when born, and was very premature. So we stayed on in Lausanne, and I commuted to Frankfurt every week, returning each weekend.

Our stay in Germany was brief, the company wanted to move me to Nigeria, but happily that fell through and I returned in early 1975.

We moved to Germany. I was working in Frankfurt, and our flat was outside at asmall town called Friedrichsdorf


And here and there in England


We holidayed on the Canal du Midi. 2 small children and Chris on crutches

The British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Philip Morris sponsored McLaren, so we got tickets for it


Fiona got married at Killinchy


And finally back to live in UK. I came back to London in 1975 as Marketing Director of PM. The company was only really starting in UK and needed a lot of organisation and motivation to get it rolling

PM sponsored MxLaren. And the team was James Hunt. Nikki Lauda and Jochan Rindt

I motivated the sales force, launched brands, and built teams

Cartoon of George Mackin, Myself and Rob Hermans


On to 1975

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