Life 2010

We had the annual visit to the UK for the MOT on our car. This year we went via Tuscany, and stopped ithth e Gunns on the way back to Spain

Left for a trip to Argentina and the Antarctic in February. Fitted Italy en route to UK for MOT. And Cuba driving ourselves

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baggage missing Chris with llama cachi hotel cachi meal
Lost luggage Chris meets llamas Cachi Cachi
tortillas in the street david cafayate Chris and David Quilmes
Tortilla in Cafayate Winery at Cafayate Quirky house in Cafayate Museum Quilmes
tafi cafayate cafayate cafayate
Estancia at Tafi Lunch at a bogeda The road to Salta Tilcara
tilcara Salinas grande susques chris casa rosada guard
Pulcara Salinas Grandes Lunch at Susques Chris with Casa Rosada guard
chis in Infinity cabin chris david dinner infinity wine waitress on infinity Amanda and Peter
Arrive in our cabin Dinner on board Wine service Amanda and Peter
Infinity mutiny dawn over antartica antartica Chris David in Antarctica
The Spanish mutiny dawn over Antarctica Antarctica Its cold in Antarctica
chris in Antarctica Uttermost part of the earth penguins at Punta Tumba Penguins at Punta Tumba
Swim in Antarctica The Uttermost part of the Earth Penquin at Punta Tumbo Penquins at Punta Tumbo
david with penguin chris with penguins david chris penguins chris in pool with penguin
Hello there Penguins in their thousands David, Chris and friend A new friend for Chris
montevideo arrival montevideo winery casa rosada goodbye buenos aires
Bit off Graf Spee in Montevideo Montevideo winery Casa Rosada Goodbye to Buenos Aires




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