In 1949 we moved to Knockagh, a large house on Holywood High Street. I assume that with Charlie on the way, my parents knew that the flat at Ardmore would be too small for a family of four. I have little memory of Knockagh as we moved there when I was four, and lived there just a couple of years. Many of the photos below are in the garden of Knockagh.

We lived here for two years from 1949 to 1951, when we moved to Sans Souci Park in Belfast. I assume again that Fiona's birth in 1951 prompted my parents to look for a larger house, and also to find a property closer to my father's work in the City Hospital, Belfast. My father had spent a lot of his time from 1945 to 1948 studying for medical exams MRCPI, MRCP, FRCPI, FRCP. He then got his Consultant's appointment in 1948 - the year that the NHS was founded.

Charlie had now arrived. Mother had refused pressure from my grandfather to call the first born "Charles" and instead insisted on a Welsh name "David". When Charlie was born, I assume that the Faustian pact meant that he had to be called "Charles". Net result was that Grandfather disliked me through life, and liked Charlie

Grandfather's new wife, Isabel, features a lot in family photos, as she had a camera, and used it. There is a photo of Charlie and me with mother's Uncle John Evans, who worked in Harland and Wolff as a draftsman. He lived in a small back to back house off the Malone Road, and he died in Belfast in 1953.

Knockagh in 1949 Knockagh in 2020 Knockagh in 2020
Below was a visit to my grandparents at Ballintoy where they were holidaying. Above is Uncle John with Charlie and me. Plus family photos in Knockagh garden.


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