We were still living at Knockagh. We had a family holiday this year, in a caravan at Coney Island Caravan Park, near Ardglass. What happened was that father dropped us there - mother , Charlie and me - then went back to Belfast to work, leaving mother with 2 small children and no car. Getting to the shops was not easy for her, and this was are last caravan holiday


Knockagh garden still was a play area for us.


  A picnic at Newcastle  
The ever present Auntie Peggy. She was an army nurse and spent every months annual leave with us. Mother was not happy, but unable to break Peggy's habit. Charlie never managed to avoid the polyphotos
My childhood was peppered with conditions that my father thought I had - like Knock Knees - which I never had, but had to wear leg braces for months Another condition I did have was Whooping Cough - in fact I had it twice, and it nearly killed me. 70 years later I can still visualise inhaling steam vapours to try to breathe  


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