The Boys go to Central Asia

We were extremely fortunate that the boys decided, after much debate between themselves, to join us in Central Asia for a spot of exploration. In spite of a bit of a phobia on "long drop" toilets, they adapted well to communal living in yurts. They were impressed by the sights and sounds of these countries, and were particularly pleased to be able to avoid the long flights back home, by taking advantage of their new magic carpet, and getting back before us.

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This is their bear sized yurt Tucked up at Lenin Peak Camp Enjoying the view at Lenin Peak They find new friends.
Primitive washing was fine by them - meant they did not wash The were a bit scared in the tunnel and glad to get out Samarkand and a bit of luxury living in a hotel Bukhara was a great place for them in a nice hotel.
And when they got out into the town they met Sabrina who sold them a magic carpet - they were not sure it was until they tried it.
Then they found this donkey, which was much easier to ride than those horses at Tash Rabat Life in the Uzbek bus was very cramped even for 2 small bears Compare with the first bus, that gave the boys first class seats
But Khiva had lots of places to visit. And they had their photo . .taken by a passing tourist. Great photo though, just like them. They even pestered other punters to take their photo What an adventure, back home on their Bukhara magic carpet.


Our holiday in Central Asia