The Silk Route

What is the Silk Road - there is not one "Silk Road" but a myriad of routes that were used to take merchandise from China to Europe. Our journey touched but a small part of this route (portion in green above) but it made me aware of the vast distances that had to be travelled and the climates from high mountain passes to open deserts. We toyed between taking a more luxurious tour with Audley Travel, but which flew over difficult stretches of terrain and this one that we finally booked with Wild Frontiers.

Our 3 week holiday was with Wild Frontiers . Overall I enjoyed it, but there were some issues - click links for a fuller story on each

The good points were

The journey is given in detail by following the links below which give a description and photos of each stage

Day 1 and 2: Join tour in Bishkek from Turkey

Day 3 and 4 : On to Son Kul

Day 5 and 6: On to Tash Rabat

Day 7 and 8 and 9: On to Kashgar

Day 10: On to Lenin Peak Base Camp

Day 11: On to Osh

Day 12: On to Kokand

Day 13: On to Khodjent

Day 14 and 15: On to Fan Mountains

Day 16: On to Dushanbe

Day 17 and 18 : On to Samarkand

Day 19 and 20: On to Bukhara

Day 21: On to Khiva

Day 22: On to Tashkent and home

The group we were with - some photos of the people involved


Our Itinerary