Oxford Houses

At about this time we bought a property in Oxford, in Richmond Road, and converted it into student bedsits. We were trying to create for students the sort of places we would have liked ourselves. The conversion work we did ourselves, by going down to Oxford after work every week with sleeping bags, working on the conversion, then returning home late Sunday night - we must have been mad.

Having finished one, by re-mortgaging it, we were able to buy a second in Walton Crescent, then a third in Southmoor Road. .

Then we moved to Switzerland with my Philip Morris job, and things in Oxford started to unravel a bit. Chris's parents, who had been left to look after the business, found that they were faced with a lot of problems that had not existed when we left for Europe. New rent laws and new multiple occupation laws meant a number of rent tribunals, plus the need for remedial work on the houses to conform with the new laws. The net effect was that we decided to sell the houses, and in fact made a reasonable profit on the exercise

In the end it was a bit like Monopoly in real life as we sold the houses to buy the hotel in Steyning