27 Northcote Road, New Malden

We bought 27 Northcte Road in Atumn of 1967, and owned it for about 3 years. It got us started on the "property ladder". It cost £4000, when researching this page in 2022, I see that it has just sold for £550,000

The huse had 2 small bedrooms upstairs, and a bthroom that could only be accessed from one of them. Downstairs there was a front sitting room, a dining room and a kitchen

We moved in with noting but a bed and a cabin trunk (which served as a seat when covered in fabric. We hired a big orbital sander and danded, then varnished the wooden floors. Gradually we bought bits of furniture from our salaries



This is a 2020 Google photo, and little has changed in 40 years... ...this is our Imp van outside the house in 1968
Chris gardening, the house backed onto the railway ..and me repairing the roof


We sold New Malden in 1970 after 3 years, and bought a new house in Woking - Horsell Park.



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