I stayed on an extra term, as was the requirement of the time , to do the Oxbridge entrance, I then left at Christmas 1963.

Yates House Photo in June 1963

I was the School Captain of Swimming in the summer of 1963. There were a number of matches against other schools and organisations like the Boy's Brigade

It shows how large the Campbell CCF was - this is the NCO's photo for 1963. Campbell was very much into the CCF, and had the 2nd largest CCF in the UK. It was compulsory, and took place on Thursday afternoon every week. Annual camp was compulsory too. After 2 years, I could switch to RAF section, which was more agreeable, less militaristic

This is the annual inspection in 1963, when some Military bigwig would inspect the whole Campbell force

And this is the Joint Services Cadet badge that I did at Frimley PArk


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