September 1958 and I started as a boarder at Campbell College. The first year was at Ormiston, as sort of reception House, to get boys used to institutional life

My mother packs me off to Campbell

Ormiston was a separate estate just outside the main Campbell Estate. It was used by the school until they sold it off in 1974, and it has now been restored to a private house. The housemaster , Bob Wells , had a wife and two children

I noticed an article in the Old Campbellian, that Mrs Wells was 100 in Nov 2020. Bob was gruff, and a little frightening until you got to know him, And she was a very reassuring presence for small boys. I was in Ormiston in my first term, the went back as a House Prefect in my Lower Sixth year. I was also Captain Of swimming and the pool was in Ormiston Grounds, and Bob Wells was the master in charge of swimming, so I had a lot of contact with him.


On to 1959

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