Time is moving on to 1952, and my grandfather has more than his fair share of photos, as he owns the camera. And Fiona, born December 1951, starts appearing in family photos

Retrospectively, it is interesting to see what places and who actually do appear in the photos that were taken.. Note too that they are all outdoors, so summer garden scenes predominate. Basic cameras and film in rolls, meant that you could only take photos indoors if you had a flash gun. This would fire a bright bulb which was one use only, and my parents did not have a flash gun. We actually saw very little of my grandparents, but the photographs give the impression that we saw a lot of them



The school I went to when we started living in Belfast was Malone Primary. I could only have been there for 2 terms, Jan/Mar and Apr/Jun , as I started at Inchmarlo in Sep 1952. Malone Primary was long way from our home, and could not be reached by public transport even if, as a six year old, I had been able to access public transport. My father used to deliver be to the school, but he was not very reliable at getting me there on time, so I was often in trouble with the teachers for being late - children were held responsible for their parents timekeeping.

And I had a stay in hospital for an ongoing sinus problem. The treatment was to drill through at the jnside top of my nose, and insert tubes through which salt water could be squirted to flush through my sinuses. Seemed to work, in as much as my sinus problems went away

On to 1953

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