1945 - born Adlington Hall, Macclesfield, Cheshire

In September of 1945, the UK was still geared up for war and armies. Adlington Hall had been taken over as a maternity hospital for officers during the war, and continued in that role for some time afterwards

I was born in Adlington Hall, along with in total 994 other babies in the period of its use as a hospital. It was being used as a Maternity Hospital by the Army, and was run as part of Queen Mary's Hospital, Manchester. It was returned to the owning family after the war, and is today your conventional stately home. Seems a suitable place to enter the world.

This is the earliest photo of me, I must have been less than 6 weeks, as that was the age at which I went to Northern Ireland with mother. The photo has my mother and her mother somewhere in Wales in October 1945

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