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What are the differences between Tadoba, Pench and Satpura?

Each park offers something a little different. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is one of India’s most exciting and best-protected tiger reserves, undiscovered, and with excellent tiger sightings regularly reported. Dominated by teak forest and bamboo, it’s a rugged landscape comprising cliffs, caves, marshes, perennial lakes and boulder strewn streambeds catering to a host of biodiversity, not least the tiger. Tadoba has a series of camera traps around camps continually monitoring local wildlife. This area is also frequented by six tigers including the dominant male tiger Crooked Tail and the newest entrant, the Halleghat male tiger. Tadoba park management is proactive in offering new experiences and includes walking trails in the buffer area and kayaking on the Irai Lake. 

Pench has a wonderfully rich flora and fauna and is home to the Asiatic leopard with the dam in the park being a favourite spot for bird watching. Other wildlife spotted here are chinkara, wild dog, sloth bear and jackal. Pench has a good reputation for tiger sightings and is less crowded so the overall safari experience is more personal.

Satpura, one of Indias best-kept secrets, is cradled in the Satpura Range of the Mahadeo Hills, uncharted and unspoiled, Satpura represents wilderness at its very best. This reserve is part of one of the largest contiguous blocks of forest left in India and is connected to other reserves by forest 'corridors'. This region, therefore, represents the largest block of tiger habitat left in the world and the bird watching is considered among the best. The magnificent deep valleys, high mountains, rivulets, waterfalls and vast reservoir combine to give this park a unique beauty. The terrain is extremely rugged and consists of sandstone peaks, narrow gorges, ravines and dense forests. The Denwa River runs through Satpura's gorges enabling exploration by canoe as well as the jeep. This is the only park that allows walking safaris in India. 


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On the Tiger's Trail

Kanha National Park covers over 900 square kilometres and has two entry points - at Kisli and the more remote Mukki gate - with accommodation options at each. Over 200 bird species and 22 species of mammal, including tiger, leopard, the Indian wild dog and swamp deer, have been recorded.

Bandhavgarh National Park Situated in Madhya Pradesh, and accessed by train to Umaria only 45 kilometres away, Bandhavgarh is the smallest of three parks in the region. Covering an area of 105 square kilometres, it is bordered by a small village where the lodges and camps are located.

They also do Tigers & Sloath Bears

Tadoba-Andheri Tiger Reserve, situated in the Chandrapur District of Maharashtra, spans over 625 square kilometres.

Pench Tiger Reserve Thought to have inspired Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book’, Pench is a relatively new member of Project Tiger and perhaps the least known National Park in Madhya Pradesh.

Satpura National Park is the least known and least visited park in Central India and takes its name from the Satpura hill ranges of Madhya Pradesh. Satpura National Park supports an array of mammals and the scenery is beautiful.

And they do Indias Wildlife Treasures which covers all the above parks - this seems the best bet to see a tiger, but there is a lot of animal viewing

Pench Tiger Reserve

Kanha National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park

Satpura National Park



There are few sights in the natural world more awe-inspiring than observing a wild Tiger at close quarters. We focus on providing this supreme wildlife experience during visits to Kanha Tiger Reserve, Pench National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park and finally Panna National Park, all renowned for their populations of Tiger. Early morning and afternoon game drives offer the best prospect of Tiger encounters, while other wildlife includes Sambar, Spotted Deer, Swamp Deer, Gaur (the huge Asiatic Bison) and Wild Boar, as well as a colourful profusion of birds. An optional extension to visit Ranthambore Tiger Reserve provides yet more opportunities to observe Tigers in the wild.

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