At the heart of the Gascony region, the Armagnac vineyards have an authentic local heritage: remnants of the ancient Romain empire, chateaux, Flaran Abbey, and villages listed among the ‘Most Beautiful Villages of France’. These villages include


Les Bruhasses - looks a good B&B on TripAdvisor and Booking

Armagnac Duffau

Domaine Lagajan

Chateau de Millet

Domaine de Saoubis

Château de Pellehaut

Domaine de Chiroulet

Domaine de Herrebouc.

Chateau de Lacquy is the oldest Armagnac house in the Bas-Armagnac region. The Chateau is owned by the de Boisséson family that has been producing Armagnac since acquiring the property in 1711. We were welcomed by the owner, Gilles de Boisséson, who gave us a very interesting and extensive tour of the vineyards and the cellars and served us so many glasses straight from the barrels that my husband finished the tour quite “pompette” as they say in French. You can contact them through their site to book a tour. The owner speaks English which makes communication very easy.

Chateau de Ravignan is a family property, built in the 17th century in the Louis XIII style and is labeled a historic monument. The Ravignan family has been occupying the place and producing Armagnac there since 1732. Apart from tasting Armagnac and visiting the cellars, you can also take a guided tour in the impressive chateau and discover the history of the family through their art, furniture, and decorations. The chateau is surrounded by beautiful French gardens that can be visited separately from the chateau. This chateau is open daily in the summer so you don’t need to call ahead if you want to visit the chateau itself. However, if you want to do some tastings it’s better to contact them in advance.