Residential Spanish Course in Somiedo, Asturias in June 2020

We had been booked for this course for 10 days in March, but the lock down in Spain forced that to be cancelled, and in the end we went the day lock down finished, and when we were legally allowed to travel outside the Province of Alicante, which was Monday 22 June.. In fact we realised that we were better off in the Asturias in June than in March - it is fresh here, even in June

Our course was with Jemina and Alfredo, a couple that worked hard to deliver a really good total immersion Spanish Course. When they call this an immersion course, they were not joking. A typical day was

The area is very much "natural beauty" and we had lots of interesting walks - I have described each walk individually

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The small braña of La Peral . A braña is a village that only is normally inhabited in Summer, when cattle are brought up from their lower winter pastures, to take advantage of mountain pastures. The herders and their families would then return to a lower village at the end of summer. La Peral these days is no longer a traditional braña, as traditional brañas have ceased to exist. Instead most of the 30 or so houses still remain empty in winter, but in summer fill with a mix of tourists and herders coming more for the weekends then permanently.

It had a very nice small bar, where we went every day for a glass of wine, and they threw in a tapas. There were fantastic views from their terrace

The village attracted a small number of tourists at the weekends, but the whole area was still to recover from "lockdown"

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