Orchid Garden, Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica

A 12 acre garden cut from the jungle by a couple of Americans, Ron and Trudy McAllister, who bought the place in the 1970s. The now beautifully landscaped private tropical garden shows off hundreds of species of ornamental and edible tropical plants that have been collected by the McAllisters The garden is home to some 100 species of orchids along with heliconias, bromeliads and slew of edible plants. The flowers in turn attract birds and insects, and although I did try to be enthused by the birding group, I was more impressed by the flowers than the birds.

It certainly is a monumental feat to create, and now maintain the gardens. The whole place is well kept, and I have no idea of how many gardeners they employ. Certainly there is the need for hundreds of man hours a week to stop the jungle returning.

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Silver Explorer Oct 2019