Puntarenas, Costa Rica - Carara National Park

This was changeover day, and the 7 of us who were continuing signed up for this excursion to Carara National Park. It probably was the worst of all the excursions that we had. The only mitigating factor was that we did not pay the $300 with real money, instead using some of our $1000 shipboard credit. Why was it so bad? - the walk was admittedly in the rain forest, but the concrete path was only about 100 metres off the Pan American Highway, so the roar of traffic was always with us. As the notices in the park said, traffic noise scares away animals as they cannot hear the calls of their fellows above the noise. We walked on expecting to eventually get away from the traffic, but never really did.

So all we saw were the ubiquitous leaf cutter ants, a few spiders , a gecko, and a couple of small frogs. In fact the small black and green frog was the best thing we saw that day. The green-and-black poison frog typically has mint-green coloration; however, this pigment can also be forest, lime, emerald green, turquoise, or even cobalt blue or pale yellow. Mixed with this typically green are splotches of dark colour, ranging from wood brown to black. Males average 0.75 inches, while females are slightly larger, averaging an inch or longer.

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Silver Explorer Oct 2019