Tripadvisor from the group.I thought it would be interesting to compare my views on the hoteels we stayed at, with those of any other of the group wtiring on TripAdvisor. In the event, only Helen wrote reviews, but it is intersting to compare our different perspectives. We all look for different things in hotels


Hotel My view Helen's view
Red Wall Garden Beijing
Let me say that hotel is excellent. Well positioned in a hutong fairly close to the Forbidden City. Hutongs are a network of narrow lanes containing original Beijing houses; houses that elsewhere have been demolished to make way for high rise

It is difficult to get to by taxi as the streets are narrow and one way. Even the car that had been sent to pick us up got lost. And a journey from the airport took twice as long as it should have done. The hotel will arrange a pick up which you pay for on a fixed price, and I think that if you are staying 3 nights pick up is free

Reception is efficient, and rooms are excellent and spacious. Be warned that there is no elevator, so you have to struggle up stairs - in our case 4 flights to get to your room

We choose to eat our breakfast on one of the table in the courtyard, which is a pleasant alternative to eating in the restaurant.

The courtyard is also a good place to enjoy a beer - though unsurprisingly the beers here were much more expensive than any other beer during the next two weeks in China. Service is friendly, if a bit slow

The Forbidden city is a bit of a hike away, but certainly reachable on foot. And there is a very good (and free) Hutong Museum virtually opposite the hotel. Also a number of restaurants in easy walking distance from gourmet to cheap. Plus an ATM relatively close

I enjoyed our two night stay here, and would stay here myself on another visit to Beijing

We stayed in this hotel at the start of a journey along the silk road to istanbul. It was OK, but very westernised (so not as much fun as the Airb&B hutong we had stayed in for the first few nights.

Good for those who like a gentle introduction to new places. One real plus was that when a lovely feisty fellow travellers admired the shirts worn by the waiters they gave her one !

Nirvana Hotel Xiahe This hotel is run by a couple - he is Tibetan and she is Dutch. They both speak excellent English, so communication is not the sort of problem that can occur in may parts of rural China.

Rooms are not large, but are bright and airy. Wifi (oddly the code seemed to change a few times during our stay) worked in both bedroom and dining area.

There is a well stacked bar, and I thought that their prices were quite reasonable, given the hotels location and standards

It is a short walk of about 5 minutes to the monastery (which is probably your reason for being in Xiahe. Shops are somewhat limited, but we found a very good craft shop selling yak wool clothing (it is also quite pricey, but you get what you pay for)

There is not a great choice of restaurants, but there are a number of local ones within a short walk too, also a nice cafe run by the same cooperative who run the yak wool shop.

We had both dinner and breakfast in the hotel the first day, but chose breakfast in the cafe above on the next morning as the Nirvana have a funny charging policy for breakfast that I was not happy with - you want to ask about paying for breakfast if you do stay here

In fact my only real criticism here was a slight tendency to penny pinching (I noted that some other reviewers have eluded to this too) , but there again it is not a 5 star hotel and they are trying to cover both the hostel and the middle hotel markets, which is difficult

So for the Western it is probably the best option in town. With a little loosening of the way they charge it would be perfect

We travelled with a group where the leader didn't seem to like the place (I think the breakfast wasn't what she was expecting) - but we loved it.

Interesting people, easy to walk everywhere. Most rooms either had good views of the outside world - or interior/courtyard rooms (we had one) looked out on pretty paintwork.

We would go there again if back that way

International Grand Hotel Jiayuguan We stayed here two nights. It is positioned just opposite the "Dolphin" statue and the large public park. The park makes a nice walk first thing in the morning to watch the Chinese taking their exercise and martial arts classes. There is also 2 nice cafes in the park

The self styled Grand International hotel is a perfectly adequate, if unmemorable, hotel about 10 minutes walk from the restaurant street area, where you would probably go for dinner as we did

The rooms are a little tired and the only thing of note was a "dropped in" replacement shower cubicle - one of those ready made units, which filled too much space in the bathroom and constricted your movement there

We were in the annex - and oddly it is an annex, which although it appears to be joined on to the main hotel with the reception, you have to access the reception and restaurant by going outside

Breakfast offered a reasonable choice, although you had to navigate your way into and out of, a great many closed hotplates, many of which were in fact empty when you took the lid off.

The staff were reasonably helpful, but at heart this is just a hotel you would stay at while passing through the city, with no great expectation of either a memorable nor a bad nights stay. I marked it as "Average" as that is what it is
This hotel (we were in the annexe) was our introduction to central Asian hotel carpets (which often seem to act as unofficial ashtrays) and smell of piggy smoke (or almost as bad, spray to hide the smell. On the plus side, plenty of space, and a good hotel opposite.
Tianrun International Hotel Dunhuang Assuming you are a tourist passing thorough for one or two nights, then this is a perfectly clean, and adequate hotel.

It is an easy walk to the night market, and you can get out of town to see the Mogao Grottoes and the Crescent Moon Lake

I was happy with our room, the breakfast and the service. Overall the hotel was "average", nothing to write home about and nothing to complain about.

In short a safe choice if you are staying in Dunhuang

Good for getting out and about. Wifi OK. Fine for passing through (as we were). Night market nearby.

Although not very western breakfast, good to have the chance to try other stuff and not fall back on familiarity

Tianyuan International Hotel Kashgar The position in central Kashgar is perfect, right beside the Peoples Park, and our front facing room looked down on the large statue of Chairman Mao. The night market and the shopping area are within an easy walk. You will see large numbers of riot police on standby in the park area. They did not really impinge on us, although they were intimidating, and walking in the city appeared to be completely safe.

We did have problems with "security". You have to appreciate that Kashgar can be on high security alert, depending on local politics. To enter the hotel they scanned all luggage, and confiscated everyone's scissors. Also when you returned from the town all your purchases were scanned, and they used that as an excuse to withhold your alcohol purchases. As nobody spoke English, this was a bit fraught.

Our room was OK, a standard sort of hotel room, a little tired, and the bathroom even tireder . You cannot really complain about the beds, as that is what the Chinese want.

Breakfast was nothing especial.

My feeling is that in spite of its obvious drawbacks, that this hotel is worth booking because of its position, and you just grin and bear the downside.

There is something a bit heartsick about hotels chosen by tours, but we started to warm towards them after uncomfortable nights on Chinese sleepers.

This place was clean, comfy (since we were getting used to hard beds) and easy to mosey around without being in a tour crocodile.

Lotte City Palace Hotel Tashkent The hotel has had a deal of work done to it since I last stayed here in 2012. The "Soviet Era" hotel that existed then has been renovated and is a passable 2st century hotel : and the staff have been trained to look after customers. So steps forward.

I would be grateful if the person who replies to TripAdvisor comments could spare me the cut and paste replies that litter reviews for the hotel here. It does you no good ignoring the negatives and trying to concentrate on the positives

The hotel has gone through a number of owners, including I understand Marriott in the past. Sanctions have kept out western owners. However the new owners have done a good job. The rooms are spacious and well decorated. If you have a front facing room, you have great views.

Breakfast is good by Uzbeck standards

It is well positioned in the centre of town, and is, justifiably, the best rated hotel on TripAdvisor. It is certainly not perfect, but given that it is Tashkent, then worth staying at.

Clean hotel with attentive staff and a small swimming pool in the grounds.

Wide ranging breakfast and good wifi.

What is missing for those of us who travel to meet locals is that unlike the small local hotels or AirB&B, you are in a bit of a cocoon (nice though that can sometimes be)

Malika Prime Hotel, Samarkand I have stayed in Samarkand before at the other Malika hotel, which I preferred as being more "boutiquey". This time we stayed at the Malika Prime

You stay at the Malika Prime, because of the location, very near Gur Emir and opposite a large park park; It is about 15 minute walk across the park and up a main road to get to the Registran - the other sights are a bit further.

The bedrooms are fine but not luxurious. Ours was at the back/side and looked out over complete desolation and was not to be recommended. Ask for a front facing room

There is a roof terrace with reasonable views, and if you can find the staff, you can enjoy a drink here

The hotel is clearly a tourist hotel in a major tourist destination, so you get what you pay for - that is nothing fancy, but value for money within (longish) walking distance of Samarkand's attractions

This was in easy walking distance of everywhere.

Our room was a little small but we had a tiny balcony at the front and there was a large roof terrace.

We peeled off from our group and found a nice little restaurant 20 minutes walk away (remember a torch if you're walking at night - we didn't but managed to stumble around OK).

Sasha & Sons


This is a small privately owned hotel offering just B&B.

The big plus is that it is within 200 or 300 metres of the trading domes and all the tourist hot spots in the town. It is a safe city to walk in, and the hotel is ideally situated down a small alley .

The rooms are "traditionally" decorated, basically white with multi coloured stencils added. It certainly gives you the feel of being in Uzbeckistan. Ours was very spacious, but I think they do vary in size, so do ask for a large room. The rooms mainly look inwards onto the various courtyards that make up the hotel.

The courtyards are a good place to relax and enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of beer. Again they have the traditional seating of a raised dais, covered with a carpet, on which you sit cross legged.

Wifi is, as others have said, a bit patchy, but with perseverance you can pick it up in the courtyards.

Breakfast is at the upper end of ones expectations in Uzbeckistan, but is certainly not gourmet

All in all this is a good choice for a base in Bukhara, this is the second time I have stayed here, and would stay here again if I come back again

This pretty hotel was a little oasis in an attractive town. Our room was large and airy with a good mural. A series of courtyards made this a pleasant place to be - enhanced by a brilliant women's hammam 15 minutes walk away

A kindly local directed us away from the 'exploitative' (sic) one, towards one where the staff had the skills of good midwives and despite the lack of a common language we were able to communicate well on everything from weddings to politics

Hotel Mary This is a typical "Communist Era" hotel. A lot of money was thrown at the building and the bling, but no follow up with staff training.

The bedroom was clean and I had no problems with it. Wifi as all have remarked is a bit iffy.

We had to misfortune to have to eat here for dinner on our first night (late arrival from Uzbeckistan). Nobody else in the large dining room, food was poor and many things including drinks were "unavailable"

Breakfast was a similar disappointment with the buffet not being replenished as it ran down, and staff being generally disinterested.

The level of English of the staff was not good, but I don't think that one has a right to expect good English in an out of the way spot like this.

So it is probably as good as it gets in Mary . I say its sad, with a decent manager and staff training, it has the potential to be a really good hotel.

Big spaces and small oddities - no wifi except for the lobby and no tea or coffee in our room despite a kettle.

Comment from our (English) tour guide who was a bit down on johnny foreigner - "That's normal for central Asia.)

Grand Turkman Hotel, Ashgabat Originally built as a Sheraton in 1995, it is now Turkmen government run

We stayed here for two nights. The problem with rooms is that they vary enormously - we were allocated a junior suite, which was large and comfortable. Other rooms were small an dingy. But in spite of it being a suite, the balcony had no furniture on it, and had never been cleaned or swept, and hence was really filthy.

Breakfast was middle of the road.

Service from the front desk was bad.

This is not a hotel that sets ot to lure you back, but I understand that it is government owned as are most of the hotels in Ashgabat. So you are not going to get much better elsewhere. It just seems to depend on the manger in charge at the time of your visit as to whether the staff are motivated and the food is of any quality

It is worth exploring other options in Ashgabat, but you will probably reach the conclusion that there is not much difference at a price level

A posh hotel in its own (slightly vulgar) way - with good views from high rooms.

We wanted a day away from coach tourism and walked around - meeting interesting people a teacher giving his daughter a driving lesson, small shopkeepers, a wheelchair using painter.

But getting back into the hotel a nightmare.- easy as the crow flies, but surrounded with high walls and barriers .... Take a ball of wool with you when you go out as the staff recommend taxis, not walking...

Espinas Hotel, Tehran This hotel is a long way from anything that tourists in Tehran would want to see We walked a long way among streets, quite weirdly, lined with nothing but opticians - and I certainly did not want to buy spectacles. So to visit the Palace or the Tresuary you will need something other than your feet.

There is a spa and pool in the depths of the building, but the front desk, after a lot of prevarication, told us it was only for men!

I doubt that this is the best hotel in Tehran. I refuse to write anything that could be construed as good, as the hotel manager will take it out of context. So before you book here read all the reviews to see if it is the hotel for you

Lovely lifts and a posh lobby is about it as far as the hotel itself is concerned.

The highlight of the hotel was meeting the Thailand national football team in the lift - so modest, so polite, laughing when I asked for autographs. They were there to play Iraq - sadly they lost ...

Poor wifi

Pool not available for women

Negin Traditional Hotel, Kashan You get to the hotel down a long, narrow winding alley, close to the city centre. The front door (with interestingly different door knockers for men and for women) does not warn you that you are stepping into a hotel. The hotel then opens out into a number of courtyards, with the rooms off the courtyards.

Our room was very small and indeed poky. But I would accept that for the atmosphere of this "traditional" hotel. The main courtyard is a delightful place to sit and relax

The dining room is vast and cavanous. We had both dinner and breakfast there. The dinner was better than the breakfast (the breakfast being mainly small packets wrapped in plastic, and bread past its prime

We walked out after dark to get to town and walking after dark did not seem to be a problem for tourists. Though you do have to note your outward route, in order to get back safely (best take their business card with you in case you need to ask the way)

Having said all that , I would recommend this hotel as a refreshing insight into the "real" Iran, that you do not get in the bigger, blander hotels

Just the kind of place you hope for when travelling - locals about the place a good restaurant and good places to sit out of doors.

A mixture of old and modern - in particular original doors in the (rather small) rooms. But all in all a fine Iranian experience.

Abbasi Hotel, Esfahan The rub is that they have added on a 3 star annex to expand their market. You walk miles to get to the annex which is in another courtyard. The rooms here are small, dark, and ours looked over the street and building debris

The main courtyard is superb. Various antique and carpet shops, an ice cream shop (which quite bizarrely did not open till 16.30) , and a cafe. Plus lots of room to just sit - we had to sit here in fact because the wifi did not stretch to our second rate room.

There are three places you can eat, but they are, as you would expect, expensive - one of them is a buffet. We had this, and although the quantity was there, the quality was not

Breakfast was excellent - once you had cracked the system on how to get a decent cup of fresh coffee - tip, find the queue and that leads you to the coffee.

We walked to the main square from here - about 15 minutes, and to the old bridge (about 10 minute)

So a very good 5 star hotel, as long as you avoid the 3 star annex. I would stay here again only if I got a proper room in the main bit of the hotel, over looking the courtyard

There is an amazing courtyard and an indoor pool where women can swim (for around 7 dollars). We were in the scruffy annexe which others have mentioned - small faded room with room for only 1 comfy chair.

Very helpful, friendly portering staff; staff at the front desk mainly a bit haughty (though our tour guide fell out with them on arrival so that may have coloured their view of us).

Easy walking distance from all the bridges and mosques.

What was best was that Iranians in the neighbourhood so welcoming and friendly now that tourism is getting going again. We had supper with Iranians now our friends so didn't try the hotel food other than breakfast which was OK.

Lalehan Hotel, Amasya The hotel is about 10 minutes walk from the main tourist part of the town: a pleasant walk along the river bank

The hotel occupies a plot on the river bank, but a new extension has been built between the original hotel building and the river. The result is that none of the rooms in the original building have any view, many looking onto the walls of the new extension. Our room in the original building was dark and pokey and looked onto a bare wall a few feet away.

We asked for a move, and I said I was prepared to pay extra. Communication was a problem, and in the end they moved us without charge to a room in the new building with an oblique side view of the river.

There are no lifts, so be prepared to lug baggage up steep stairs

The restaurant, where breakfast is served is right on the river. The setting is great, the breakfast passable

With a river front room , I would recommend this hotel for its position. In any other sort of room, choose another hotel

Pretty hotel - some rooms not so good (though we easily got moved to a side room overlooking the river which was great).

Good breakfast, friendly staff.

Shamefully our Turkish very rudimentary. Hard to understand those who complain about poor English of hotel staff - we are in their place. We found a mixture of a few words, google and (admittedly poor) miming usually worked and provided a way of making local friends.

Good helpful, obliging desk staff

Hotel Bozkurt Erzican If you need to stay the night in this part of Turkey, then this hotel appears to be your only choice

The village itself is worth walking through with a wealth of Ottoman period wooden houses, some of which have been restored. There are fine views over the river below. Given it is a Muslim area, drink is not widely displayed, but the man in a nearby shop does sell alcohol discretely, from the depths of his stock - in other words you have to ask.

The rooms in the hotel are basic but clean. The breakfast, again basic, but satisfactory

So this is a reasonable choice if you need a stopover in the area

This hotel has an alpine chalet feel.

Good helpful staff; good breakfast, clean rooms (though disappointingly not much of a view).

What warmed us to it was that it was easy to get out for a good walk and locals were super friendly.

Buruciye Hotel , Sivas This is a really nice hotel in the centre of the city. So within walking distance of the tourist sights.

Of special mention is the breakfast. A wonderful selection of different fresh breads, cakes and buns. Plus a generous buffet far superior to most we encountered in Turkey

The only two small criticisms I have are that the lift is not well programmed and I found it easier to haul our bags up the stairs than wait fir it. And when climbing the stairs, I found the rails were somewhat loose in places

Note that swimming is segregated in the hotel pool, as indeed it is everywhere in Muslim Eastern Turkey. So check the times for each sex at reception.

But these minor points apart, everything was satisfactory with our stay here. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a stay in the city, and I would certainly stay here again myself

Good for just walking out into the town; interesting fellow guests - we met a couple from a war torn country helping establish women in the police force.

Although we had the common problem of strong cigarette smell, we were quickly moved to a room where the smoke smell less strong and the windows open.

It would really help Turkish hotels if they strongly discouraged smoking on at least one floor and/or washed curtains and heavy bed covers between visitors to get rid of smoke smell.

Scary stairs with shaky bannister

Good small pool and sauna with helpful attendant.

Goli Pars Hotel, Tabriz The first thing that strikes you about the hotel is its isolated position on a hill in the middle of a very large public park. It is not within walking distance of anywhere

This was undoubted a good hotel 20 years ago, but now everything is a little run down. The reception area is dated. The glass elevators give you a view over a dirty lift shaft and roof (the manager would not seem to have used the elevator)

The rooms are jaded, the windows are not cleaned. The breakfast is fairly standard for Iran, but lacks the class you would expect from a 5 star hotel The staff pack up the food before the advertised time, to make sure nobody overstays their time!

Given this is rated on TripAdvisor as #1 in Tabriz, I assume that there is not a lot of choice in the city!

Clean large rooms, windows that open, good park nearby.

Breakfast was fine and plenty of lorry driver cafes nearby (though admittedly going out walking a bit of a challenge in a place where it is assumed that you will be in a tour coach or a car.)

Odd comment from a TA reviewer that the manager is a woman and used to be in housekeeping - exactly the kind of person likely to know how hotels work (though if I know anything about the politics of these things, she may be working with a lower budget than her predecessors, and have a harder job with male colleagues)

Butic Ertur Hotel, Dogubeyazit Dogubeyazit is a border town catering for the trans-border traffic between Iran and Turkey. There really is not much to see in the town, and the roads are mainly dirt. When we were there , the army was on alert after a number of "incidents" with the Kurds. So we had dinner in the hotel

You stop here because you need a place for the night en-route from Tabriz to the west of Turkey.

Whilst you are here you can visit the Ishak Pasa Palace, visible up the mountain from the terrace on top of the hotel. You can also see Mount Ararat from the terrace, assuming of course that the skies are clear.

Butic Ertur hotel is a modern building right on the main road. It is certainly not a destination in its own right, but if you need a hotel for the night, then I would recommend this hotel, The rooms and building are reasonably well kept, and breakfast passable for the location. I had a front facing room and was not troubled by the noise of traffic
This hotel is fine - nice people running it, a big enclosed terrace overlooking Mount Ararat, and decent breakfasts. Not really boutique in western sense, and the ever present large telly in the breakfast room not our cup of chai, but otherwise fine.
Grand Ani Hotel, Kars Kars is not the sort of place that many tourists come to. However this hotel was more than adequate for our two night stay - 2 nights as we wanted to see Ani while going westwards across Turkey from Iran. and Ani is well worth a visit

You can easily walk into town centre from the hotel, it being a 10 to 15 minute walk. The room we stayed in, overlooking a square to the side of the building was bright and modern as in the management photos above. I did not get the sort of negative feelings that some reviewers have in the past, so I assume that there has been an amount of refurbishment going on.

The reception desk and the breakfast were "average", which in this part of Turkey means they were better than I might have expected.

The small lift - it takes one person plus luggage - was a bit of a pain, as it meant either taking to the stairs with your suitcase, or waiting a long time for the lift to get to you.

So overall I felt that it is a reasonable choice for a 2 night stay in Kars

Clean rooms, perfectly OK breakfast.

Common problem in this and other hotels was keycard needing regular re-setting

Needed to ask for 2x keys for 2x people (since not though old man and I are good pals, not siamese twins).

Kral Hotel, Erzurum Although a bit run down, it is perfectly acceptable for one or two nights stay.

The hotel appears to have been grander once, with a large reception on the ground floor, now abandoned for reasons unclear, and the current one is up a floor. There is a small lift which is not very efficient

The room was fine with reasonably cheerful d├ęcor and furnishings

The breakfast has to be commented on, as there appears to be no kitchen and they set out pre-served plates of food under cling-film plastic wrap. Most of the items under the plastic appeared to be bits of plastic too - butter, jam, bread rolls, etc. It was so bad that I did not open mine,, and went to a very good local cafe for my breakfast. The owner asked me why I had not eaten his breakfast and looked shocked when I told him

The hotel is not bad (not withstanding the breakfast), and have no idea if there is anything better in Kars. It is not the Ritz, but they are not charging Ritz prices

Nice people running it; scary staircase (is there a building firm in Turkey with the franchise on rickety spiral staircases ?), small double bed with torn cover smelling of cigarette smoke.

We found the plastic covered breakfast perfectly edible.

Hotels like this one could probably attract a wider clientele by being strict on smoking.


Azikoglu Hotel, Bogazkale We stayed here in October, and it was very cold. The rooms have no central heating and the concrete shell of the motel gets irretrievably cold. Our room was supplied with a two bar electric fire which did nothing to warm the room. Hot water in the bathroom also was lacking, mind you it was too cold in the room to strip off for a shower anyway

The dining room had a wood burning stove, which warmed the restaurant up if you were sitting in front of it, but they did not keep the stove stoked for much time.

In the morning breakfast was in another room which had no heating at all. But the breakfast was so poor that it was not worth eating,

On balance we would have been better getting to the ruins early and moving on to Ankara after viewing the ruins, cutting out the overnight here. The motel should not be operating once temperatures fall, they just cannot heat it.

As other have said maintenance and house-keeping are pretty basic too.

Not everyone we travelled with liked this hotel (what we liked was that it wasn't coach tour place).

A bunch of kind but tough Babushka type ladies helped with the baggage (by this time on a trip with had started in Beijing some of our group needed packhorses).

We liked the comfy outside seating, the cosy stove in the dining room, the good.

We likes less the fact that the price of alcohol was eye watering (but OK for those of us who were moderate drinkers).

Although the rooms were chilly, there was extra bedding and electric fires.

We would stay there again and recommend it.

Grand Sera Hotel, Ankara We were here with a small group. I assume the hotel was chosen on price. And that it what it delivers, a middle of the road 3 star hotel, perfectly clean and maintained, but nothing to distinguish itself from any other 3 star hotel

The breakfast was equally average, nothing to whet your appetite, but equally well nothing to complain about.

The one plus point was the view at sunset of the setting of the sun behind a nearby mosque - quite memorable :-)

If you can get this hotel at a competitive price, then it is worth staying here. Otherwise look for a more memorable hotel.

This place had pretty well everything that tour groups need, clean, decent bathroom, good breakfast, wifi.

A bit soul less compared with smaller independent places - but as another reviewer writes, great views.

Legacy Ottoman Hotel, Ankara I understand that the building is a converted office block. If you stay here you can see the odd layout with a sort of "central courtyard" which is not really a courtyard, but a way of packing more rooms in. The poor souls with a courtyard view just get to look into an adjoining courtyard room a couple of metres away. If you book here only do so if you get allocated an exterior facing room

The rooms are of a decent 3 to 4 star standard. However on a 2 night stay our room was not serviced at all. We had to make our own bed

Breakfast is in a large top floor room, where, if you elbow your way in, you can get a sea facing table at the window with views of the ferry port beyond. Again a perfectly adequate breakfast of a 3 to 4 star standard

The whole of the top floor appears to be soulless restaurants. We went up to take some photos and a very bored member of staff was extremely helpful in showing us the rooms

The glitzy part of the hotel is the reception area, all gold and bling, which appears to be the only part of the hotel trying for a higher standard

The hotel is close to the ferry port and the Egyptian Bazaar, and there are some very good cafes in the area

It depends obviously on price, but would not stay here again. It has let its standards slip too much, and really does not have a lot to commend it, in a city that has lots of very good hotels

The main plus for us was that some of the people staying were Turkish tourists and it was easy to walk everywhere or take public transport.

We were lucky enough to have an outward facing room with (better still) windows that opened.

For early risers, easy to get one of the 10 or so tables by the window on the top floor and perfectly adequate breakfast.