Bratislava is the capital of the comparatively recent country of Slovakia following the breakup of Czechoslovakia. , and with a population of about 450,000, the country's largest city.

The growth of low-cost airline flights to Bratislava, led by Ryanair, has led to conspicuous stag parties, primarily from the UK. While these are a boon to the city's tourism industry, cultural differences and vandalism have led to concern by local officials. That probably sums up Bratislava, as it struggles to move from the past to the future. It is a cheap city by western standards, but there is not a lot unique to Bratislava to attract mass tourism other than price. There are some nice buildings, but most alternative destinations in Central Europe offer more

Without raking over the coals as it were, I did learn about Chimney cake in Bratislava. Chimney Cakes are made from a sweet dough that is rolled out onto a wooden roller, then rolled in sugar, then either grilled over hot coals or baked in an oven. After it’s cooked, they’ll roll it in your choice of topping: chocolate, walnut, almond, poppy-seed, vanilla, cinnamon , or coconut. The key to Chimney cakes is getting them fresh and hot! They say never, ever, ever buy a cold Chimney cake. Their chimney cakes cost about 4 euros and are really very nice!

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Back on the boat, the entertainment was "The Funny Fellows" which were the weakest of all the entertainments laid on by Tauck - the only one that we both felt strongly enough to leave discretely before the end of their performance.


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