Bolivia, Salt Pan & Chile, Atacama Desert & Argentina


27 Apr   Alicante depart 20.05 arrive Madrid (T4) 21.25 on IB 3887
28 Apr Santa Cruz

Madrid depart 00.35 arrive Lima 05.45 on LAN flight LA2707

Lima depart 10.20 arrive Santa Cruz 15.20 LAN Flight LA2563, Transfer to Hotel Camino Real

29 Apr Sucre

Transfer Hotel to Airport. Flight on Boliviana to Sucre Transfer to Parador Santa Maria la Real

30 Apr Sucre

Sucre city tour, Parador Santa Maria la Real

1 May Potosi

Sucre to Potosi with driver and guide, Half Day City tour, Hotel Coloso

2 May Uyuni

Across other worldly scenery to the town of Uyuni, on the edge of the salt flats. Hotel Luna Salada

3 May

San Pedro de Quemez

Uyuni to San Pedro de Quemez. Stone Hotel Hotel del Piedra.

4 May Soniquera San Pedro de Quemez - Soniquera. Hotel del Desierto
5 May San Pedro de Atacama

Transfer to San Pedro de Atacama. Tierra Atacama

6 May San Pedro de Atacama

Tierra Atacama

7 May San Pedro de Atacama

Tierra Atacama . Pick up car for 13 days

8 May Salta

Legado Mitico

9 May Salta Legado Mitico
10 May Tafi de Valle Posada Sonada
11 May Tafi de Valle Posada Sonada
12 May Catamarca Chanarmuyo Lodge
13 May Catamarca Chanarmuyo Lodge
14 May Chilecito Posada Sendero
15 May Chilecito Posada Sendero
16 May Valle Fertil

Finca Puesta del Sol

17 May Valle Fertil

Finca Puesta del Sol

18 May Mendoza

Finca Adalgisa

19 May Mendoza

Finca Adalgisa

20 May Santiago de Chile

Holiday Inn at Airport and Return Car to Santiago Airport

21 May   Santiago depart 11.20 arrive Madrid 06.20 following day on LA 5720
22 May   Madrid (T4) depart 11.50 arrive Alicante 12.55

Argentina Road Distance calculator

How long does it take

Salta to Mendoza A direct route is about 800 miles our route was longer as we took a more touristic centred route

Day 10 San Pedro de Atacama – Salta (630 km / 392 mi). Cross the Chile and Argentina borders through Jama International pass. Then drop down to Salta. The bus takes about 10 hours, it took us about 7 hours

Day 11 Salta

Day 12 Salta to Tafi del Valle . 300 Km takes about 4.5 hours

Day 13 Tafi del Valle.

Day 14 Tafi del Valle to Chanarmuyo. 300 Km about 4.5 hours

Day 15 Chanarmuyo

Day 16 Chanarmuyo to Chilecito. 80 km

Day 17 Chilecito

Day 18 Chilecito to Valle Fertil: 275 km , about 3 hours

Day 19 Valle Fertil

These two contiguous parks (Talampaya & Ischigualasto), extending over 275,300 ha in the desert region on the western border of the Sierra Pampeanas of central Argentina, contain the most complete continental fossil record known from the Triassic Period (245-208 million years ago). Six geological formations in the parks contain fossils of a wide range of ancestors of mammals, dinosaurs and plants. No other place in the world has a fossil record comparable to that of Ischigualasto-Talampaya which reveals the evolution of vertebrate life and the nature of palaeoenvironments in the Triassic Period. Since year 2000, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ischigualasto is known as “Valle de la Luna”, literary, “The Moon Valley”. The name is given because of the extremely arid landscape, slowly drawn by rain and wind over millions of years. The whim of nature created wonderful rock formations such as The Worm, The Sphinx, The Mushroom, The Submarine and The Bowling Court.

Talampaya Canyon is the main tourist attraction in Talampaya National Park, receiving over 60,000 visitors every year. The 150-metre high reddish walls and the various geomorphologies (the Monk, the Tower, etc) make it a one-of-kind natural show, as well as the astonishing rock engravings called petro glyphs.

You'll notice the Difunta Correa shrines along the way.

 Day 20 Valle Fertil to Mendoza . 380 km, about 5 hours

Day 21 Mendoza

Day 22 Mendoza to Santiago. Driving distance: 360 km Duration: Six hours

Beginning along the sprawling vineyards that stretch west from Mendoza (746m above sea level), Argentina’s finest wine region, the road then gradually begins its ascent, first through a range of foothills before it begins to cut its way through the Andes. By the time you reach the border check point at the Los Libertadores Pass, the road has climbed to a peak height of 3,500m. Once you’re well into Los Libertadores, you’re surrounded on all sides by high peaks. You catch glimpses of Aconcagua, at 6,962m (22,837ft) the highest mountain on the planet outside of Asia. The Chilean side is very different, with a very steep and slow descent down hairpin bends carved into the mountainside.  Once the road levels a bit, it follows the Aconcagua River and its eponymous valley. Both countries’ border formalities are taken care of in the same large building. First the Argentine exit stamp, then the Chilean entry, then customs. The latter requires bringing all of your luggage into the customs building, where, after a dog sniffs everything and everyone in the queue, your bags are sent through an x-ray machine.