One of the problems in getting around by air these days is having to use hubs and catching connection flights. We had to leave the Orion at 9am, but were not flying out of Singapore till 11 at night. So there was a day to "kill" in Singapore. This was solved quite agreeably by buying a couple of tickers on the "hop on, hop off" bus, which took us to the "Singapore Eye", the Botanical Gardens and Chinatown, as well as giving us an overall ride round the city

The flight from Singapore got us into London at 6am, and we had to kill another day before catching the flight to Alicante from Gatwick at 5pm. We got from Heathrow to Gatwick by 9am, but the b......s at Easyjet would not accept our bags until 2.5 hours before our flight was scheduled. This in turn meant we could not get into the airside part of Gatwick, which is marginally more convivial than the landside part. So we were marooned landside with our bags, in an area devoid of, well devoid of practically everything. Anyway, a bit of exploring and I discovered the Sofitel just outside the terminal door. So we wheeled the bags down there and got stuck into a lunch and a bottle of wine in their restaurant. This passed the time most agreeably and after lunch we retired to their foyer to finish our wine and drink a coffee.

Back to Alicante, pick up Toad from the parking lot and we got back to Moraira around 10 pm. Add back the 8 hour time difference, and it took near on 2 days to get from the ship to home. As I say the joys of air travel.

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Arriving at Singapore was getting back to Capitalism again. The hop-on, hop-off bus was subsidised by Singapore Airlines and our first stop was the giant ..
..ferris wheel whose revolution took well over an hour and afforded wonderful views over the city. Chris particularly liked the "boat" which was part of this architecture.
A walk to the Science Museum, back on the bus, and off at the Botanical Gardens. An unintended stop, but where they changed drivers. The speciality was orchids..
..of every species and colour imaginable. Then all the way round the city by bus to Chinatown. This really was "Chinatown" with shops, temples, street markets in real ..
..Chinese style. The statues, the architecture, the people, the goods for sale, even the Christmas figures were all Chinese. Red was the predominant colour, but saffron ..
..clad monks jostled with the gaudy decorations favoured by Chinese. Street vendors would do you a sketch. but we settled for beer and fresh seafood which I enjoyed.
Back to Changi Airport by metro and onto London by Singapore Airlines. Several hours passed in the Gatwick Sofitel before Sleasyjet to Alicante and drive to Moraira

So whats my overall view of Orion II - follow this link for my thoughts on Orion II - I enjoyed the trip, but am unlikely to travel on Orion II again, but I would travel on Orion I, as I think the company overall does a good job.

The End

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