Tioman Island

Tioman Island is a small island 32 km off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, and is some 39 km long and 12 km wide. It has eight main villages, the largest and most populous being Kampung Tekek in the north. The densely forested island is sparsely inhabited, and is surrounded by numerous coral reefs. There are also a lot of resorts and chalets around the island which has duty free status.

We arrived at Tioman in continuing bad weather. We had missed a stop at Terangganu the day before because of the weather, and had spent 2 days at sea. The crew put on a "fashion" show of the (not very inspiring) clothing on sale in the ship's boutique. Though to be fair, a number of people strode the decks of Orion in the said clothing, so someone must have liked it - perhaps travel agents given freebies!

We went ashore at Monkey Bay which did have just one classic backpackers hostel. It was pleasant to stretch the legs ashore after two days afloat.

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The fashion show to demonstrate the clothing items under the Orion brand name Two days in seas that were difficult without the stabilisers.
We anchor off Monkey Beach on Tioman Island, and zodiac ashore. The weather was still "soft" and got worse. The beach though was a lovely sandy stretch.
Monkey Bay had been destined for greater development, but that never got started and all that was left was the track out. The Orion passengers had the ..
..beach to themselves, apart from a few hermit crabs. The eponymous monkeys did not appear. A nicked photo of a sunny day. Walked as far as we could get..
..then turned around and walked to the end the other way past the charming backpackers accommodation. The rain then arrived and the captain pulled us back to Orion


And finally Singapore

Cruise Hanoi to Singapore on Orion II