Koh Kut

Koh Kut is the southernmost of the Thai islands and has very little development. We saw a couple of small well hidden resort hotels and that was all. Orion anchored and we went in by Zodiac. To reach the waterfall we headed up a mangrove lined creek, got off at a rickety jetty, then walked for about half an hour to reach the waterfall. It was quite unspoiled, but I am not convinced that making the journey with 50 other people was a good idea.

The ship moved a short distance over lunch, and we went to a small, very pretty beach in the afternoon.

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So into the Zodiacs and a short run into the river mouth at Koh Kut. There were a couple of small resorts including Six Senses then it was up the small river for a few miles
The area is known for its mangroves which formed an impressive corridor all the way upstream. What I did not know about mangroves after that day was not worth ..
..knowing - all gone now!. Then it was off the Zodiacs and a tramp through a narrow jungle path to the water fall. A pleasant enough venue, but I felt was hardly worth ..
..dragging a boatload there. Anyway, back for lunch aboard, and a change of venue in the afternoon on an uninhabited part of the National Park with a sandy beach ..
suit6able for swimming, playing the clarinet and handing out ice creams. The bay was also home to a fairly large number of fishing boats. We took the opportunity to walk ..
..up the beach to a small Hindu shrine surrounded by phallic symbols - it obviously got regular believers of the faith, as bits and pieces were put on the alter. At the end ..
..of the afternoon it was back to the ship, just in time to watch a spectacular sunset and enjoy another round of free drinks with the Captain and the ships officers.

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