Nha Trang

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It was a choppy ride from Da Nang to Nha Trang, and the stabilisers had packed up for good - never had them again. Still the "little green men" hung on in and we got
to Nha Trang, which is the major Vietnamese seaside resort. It is known for its sandy beaches, but the continuing bad weather did not show them at their best
The town itself was modern and had that mix of traditional and communist architecture so beloved by the Vietnamese. A stop at the "Brew house" was welcome
Back on the ship, there was a party atmosphere with suckling pig, a special menu and the "crew show". This was one of the few al fresco meals we had on board.

And there were two days at Nha Trang

The next day we were at the Po Nagar temple complex on Cù Lao Mountain overlooking the city. It consists of three levels, the highest of which has two rows of towers
A sculpture of the goddess as Mahishasuramardini is on the pediment above the entrance to the temple: it depicts the four-armed goddess holding a hatchet, a lotus and a club, and standing on a buffalo. This sculpture belongs to the Tra Kieu style of Cham art from the end of the 10th century or the beginning of the 11th century AD.
The main tower is about 25 m high. The temple's central image is a 1.2m tall stone statue of the goddess Yan Po Nagar sitting cross-legged, dressed only in a skirt, with ten hands holding various symbolic items. According to Vietnamese scholar Ngô Vǎn Doanh, these attributes show that Yan Po Nagar was identified also with the Hindu goddess Mahishasuramardini or Durga, the slayer of the buffalo-demon. We then went to the harbour and took a turn round it by boat ...
The harbour here was packed with blue (for an unknown reason) fishing boats. The river banks as we headed upstream were dotted with little boatyards and eventually ..
..we came to a Vietnamese village where we debussed to see an amazing rickety pedestrian bridge and a family at home spinning and weaving carpets from bamboo
A brief stop at a colourful local market. Remarkably all Vietnamese markets are colourful. and around the outside were ladies sewing away on the old Singer machines
A pause for a cup of tea, where the pot was kept warm in a coconut shell. On past rice paddies, ducks and water buffalo to the beach and the zodiacs.


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