1998 Penang, Mutiara Hotel

We went to this newly opened 5 star hotel in 1998 . I discovered that it closed in 2006 and in 2020 it was still closed and in such a bad state that it will never reopen.

There is virtually no information as to why it closed, and why it was cheaper for the owners (a hotel chain in Malaysia who still operate) to close it rather than sell it. I assume that it is something to do with the internecine twists of Malaysian politics as to who actually financed it

It certainly was a 5 star hotel when we were there, but seemed to be in the wrong part of the island to support a 500 room hotel of this quality

There was a good local seafood restaurant within walking distance



A typical Tripadvisor review No frills. Just good food. Clams in superior stock to start off, flavours quite delicate but so good. Eat this before your palate is spoilt by the more powerful oysters and squid. Tried the oysters topped with melted cheese and mushroom. Should have splurged all the way with the lobster thermidor. Yummy topping. Prawns coated in salted egg were sinfully good. Shell and legs crisp enough to be devoured. Crabs were puny. Gravy of sweet and sour chilli was great though. If the crabs are not large (like 700g) i suggest you save the money and have a lobster instead. Wash down the dinner with a Tiger beer or lime juice with sour plum

A 2022 news report stated that it will reopen


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