The Gambia 1991

This was financially our lowest ebb. The incompetence of the Thatcher Government had virtually bankrupted us. For a holiday we took this cut price offering from Thompsons.. It plus points were it was cheap and it was hot. The minus point was that it was one of the worst hotels we have ever stayed at. It was so bad the Chris asked the rep for the first flight back to UK. Anyway after a bit of argy bargy we got a "suite" which was still pretty awful, but was large, and was not immediately overlooked by other rooms.

Its swimming pool was out of action and we were bussed every day to another of their hotels to swim. Although swimming from the beach was in theory possible, in practice you had to run the gauntlet of locals that wanted to be your "friend", and were difficult/impossible to shake off as you walked along the beach

Our hotel shuttle bus was stopped by an army road block one day, the guards, a motley collection of conscripts were armed with old Lee Enfield rifles, and the scarey bit was that they were high on drugs and their eyes were no longer white, but a bloodshot red.

We also go a free trip to a time-share where they tried very hard to get us to sign up, and it was quite difficult to escape from their clutches. Even having told them we would think about it, we saw them at the airport as we were leaving

An interesting 10 days in the Gambia


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