Barbados 1986

Barbados Beach Village where we had a self catering apartment with the Joanna & Stephen

A web review gave :-

Our favourite hotel was the Barbados Beach Village, a Trust House inn at St. James. It has two suites per hut, nearly all of them with a sea view. It is run with unpretentious efficiency by a Barbadian gentleman named Ronald Jones. A delicious breakfast is served on room balconies. There’s a small pool, a large bar, a well-run restaurant, but best of all, there’s that atmosphere of benign neglect you need on a good tropical holiday. (The highlight of our day was listening, on the local radio station, to a serial called Clayton Place, “The Continuing Saga of Jason Clay and a Legacy of Hate, presented with the compliments of Typhoo Tea.” I keep wondering what dire deeds old Jason is up to these days. And whatever happened to that nice young girl he lured from the country as a nanny, with scarcely veiled intentions.)


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