Texas Marlboro Advertising Shoot - 1976

I had to go to Texas on business. Because Marlboro advertising was a bit "sensitive", we had developed a new campaign that did not specifically use cowboys, but did use cattle ranching. As I had to sell the resulting shots to the Advertising SAtandards Authority, I had to be there to make sure they were photographing what the ASA would approve.

En route to the Texas panhandle, I flew into Dallas - Fort Worth and met up with distant cousin Howard McNeil , who was descended for one of my Great-Grandfather Thomas Grant's brothers who emigrated to the USA. I saw the sights of Dallas including the Book Depository and the Grassy Knol, where JFK was shot

From there I flew north to Lubbock - the girl at the Dallas checkin desk thought that I was nuts venturing so far into the wilds,


From Lubbock by road to Amarillo and meeting up with the Advertising Agency and photographer. And from Amarillo into big cattle country for the actual photographs. It was a wild part of the world. Our motel was one of the most disgusting places I have ever stayed. Complete with slime filled swimming pool. The whole area was "dry" and to get alcohol one had to drive out into the desret and at the county line there was a booze store where one could load up withth e necessaries, and take it back to town. In additiopn we did get drink in a local restaurant, but it had to be served prohibition style in a china teapot




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