1970 Barbados & Trinidad


With access to staff travel at BOAC, paying only 10% of full fare but on standby basis, we were able to fly regularly to exotic places, specially those like the Caribbean that were a one hop, comparatively short flight. In addition we got staff discounts in hotels that the crews used, like the Hilton. We stayed in the Crane Beach Hotel in Barbados, a slightly moth eaten hotel run by an ex-staff travel manager at BOAC, who naturally offered staff discounts

Barbados was really exotic to us, and we rented a mini moke, and toured the island in it like Mr Toad. Barbados has two distinct sides, the western windward side had permanent winds and high waves which make swimming somewhere between dangerous and impossible. Crane Beach did not have much shelter, and was dangerous for swimming.

We loved Barbados and returned a number of times


Crane Beach Hotel



We flew on to Trinidad, rented a car, and drove across the island. Trinidad was less of a "tourist" island than BArbados, did not have interesting scenery, nor good beaches. So did not offer us the charm of Barbados


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