Honeymoon Turkey

Our honeymoon was in Turkey. Travelling there we often camped in the wild- to save money: we reckoned on spending £1 per day, either on petrol when travelling or food when stationary, We did have 2 boxes of basic food with us, and also some home baked cakes, of which we would have a slice after dark.

We survived a camp site being flooded with overnight rain in Greece. And a Turkish lorry driving falling asleep at the wheel and narrowly missing our tent as we ate lunch. Then there was the Turk with the dancing bear who had a sideline fishing ...with hand grenades (I turned down the invitation to join him fishing)

One highlight was Pamukkale wth its hot themal pools - we splashed out here and took a hotel room, costing £1. Such bliss!. Another was the underground town at Cappadocia with its churches still sporting their original 2000 year old frescoes

We were warned only to stay in official campsites- but there were only 5 of those in the whole country! This made it necessary to camp ou of official sites when we had a long distance to cover. On one occasion, and this was during the "6 Day War" our van was stoned by locals because of its British number plates, and we had to sleep that night in the van, with the keys in the ignition, in case we had t amke a fast getaway


After Turkey it was up through the hard Communist countries of Bulgaria and Romania. Crossong from Turkey into Bulgaria we surprised the reception committee by having International Yellow Fever Certificates - they had been hoping/expecting to charge us large sums for innoculations. In these two countries you had to queue for everything - from Petrol to Icecream. And Service as such was non-existant. Campsites were compulsary and traveling after dark forbidden, which sometimes made it difficult to get to a site before dark

Crossing into Yugoslavia, which I had previously thought very totalitarian, was like entering the land of the free in comparison to Bulgaria and Romania

Then through Austria and Germany back to Ashton