1966 Camping in Greece

In the summer vacation we drove down to Greece, camping, for 6 weeks. The car broke down coming down the Gross Glockner, but was eventually repaired: whilst waiting for it we watched the England v.Germany football final in a local bar- surrounded by supporters for Germany!! Anyway the car was fixed, a loose cog in the gearbox

Eventually we arrived in Athens

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And from Athens over the Corinth Canal to Naflion and Epidavros

..before heading north, crossing by car ferry to Delphi, and my unlucky attempt at trading Greek bags

The hanging monasteries are spectacular at Meteora

The slog up Yugoslavia was always just that, a slog, and in an underpowered car. 625 miles from border to border

A break at the more mainstream tourist world of Venice


And back over the Alps, via Heidelberg to England, and Ireland