Heidelberg - Winter 1964

Jan 1964 saw me footloose after leaving Campbell in Dec 1963. My place in Oxford started in Oct 1964, so there was a fair amount of free time to fill in. February and March were on a German language course in Heidelberg> It was a small residential school. A six week term with a mid term break, when I went down to Switzerland for a few days

I then had to stop off in Oxford on the way back to Belfast to sit Prelims, the first of only 2 public exams in an Oxford students life. I you passed prelims, which I did, then a reasonably idle life stretched in front of you until finals some three years later

Back in Belfast it was straight off on the "Round Europe in an old Police Car " with four others from Campbell

The main things I remember about Heidelberg is that it is very, very cold in winter - I had to buy warmer clothing there. But Heidelberg is a very pleasant University town, though it did still have the vestiges of the duelling culture still being evident among the students.Fasching, the German beer festival also occured while I was there