I don't usually include countries if we have only touched down and not actually visited the country. But with Uganda I make an exception

We were trying to get to Kenya, but all BOAC flights were full, so, as we got staff travel with East African Airways, we decided to fly to Nairobi with them. An interesting experience. The only other passengers were government civil servants who had to fly EAA. And facilities on board, or the level of staff training was such that they were unable to serve any food on board. The result was we put down in Entebbe for breakfast in the terminal.

This was soon after Idi Amin's coup in Jan 1971, and there had been serious fighting round the airport. We sat down for our breakfast in the terminal with "full air conditioning". I could see where the tank shell had entered one side of the building and exited the other.. So we were quite glad to get back board the EAA plane and carry on to Nairobi

I suppose we saw part of the modern history of Uganda in front of our eyes

1971 Kenya

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