To solve the lack of capital problems with Chadlington , we sold it and moved to Corisande Manor, near Newquay in Cornwall. . A lovely house, built by an Austrian in the late 1890s, but which had been run for 50 years as a cheap guest house, with many rooms cut in two to ceate more bedrooms. We set about returning the house to its original state, upping the quality and trebling the prices.

To market the new venture, I taught myself web site programming. This worked so well that eventually I was doing the web sites for about 30 other hotels. This was right at the birth of the web and attracted a lot of publicity for Corisande Manor as a hotel.











And then Devoper rang the doorbell and wanted to buy the place. We decided to sell, another recession interrupted the sale. The Developer went bust, another Developer eventually bought it, and we moved to Spain


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