Down memory lane this one, I was at Inchmarlo for 4 years 1952, leaving in 1956. Funny how you remember names and faces all these years on. Probably most of the owners of the faces look nothing like that now, and the odd one maybe has not changed at all

1953/54 in Miss Strahan's class

1953/54 Ray Hall's class

Back Row: L to R

Richard Hall, David Grant, Eric Hill, Desmond Bell, Peter Curry, Johnnie Wilson, Oswald McAuley, Tod Davis

Middle Row:

Alun Evans, Colin Latimer, Richard Stafford, Patrick Holt, Peter Reid, Martin Logan, Eric Hinds, Trevor Rusk

Front Row:

Ian McCandless, Patrick Wilson, Brian Muskett, Patrick Teskey, Mr. Ray Hall, Johnnie Fetherstone, Rex Anderson, Nixon Storey, Alan Jacques.

I couple of CVs from a web site

Nixon Storey. I stayed on at Inst then did Medicine at Queen’s and specialised in obstetrics & gynaecology. Married Elsie, a nurse (surprise, surprise), spent 2 years in Kenya as a senior lecturer in University of Nairobi then came home to a consultant post in a “bush” hospital in Downpatrick. Along the way we had 3 daughters – the youngest is in the middle of GCE’s; the others are now off the payroll. We live about halfway between Downpatrick and Ardglass, out in the country, with a great view of the Mournes.

Les Clarke. I am currently "resting", but have worked in The Bahamas, Libya and Algeria before venturing into a small business.


1954/1955 Cecil Cree's Class

1955/1956 Edgar Lockett's Class

Edgar Lockett was the headmaster and held that position for many years. Class size was about 25, there were two classes for each year, and so about 200 boys in the school and 8 teachers.


I used to walk to school most of the time in order to save the bus fare, which I would then spend on sweets and comics - I was an avid reader of comics, Both trams and trolley buses ran along the Malone Road, when I started in 1954. but the tram had gone by 1956


Inchmarlo was the prep school for Inst - Royal Belfast Academical Institution. But Inst was a much larger school with somewhere over 1000 pupils, and the intake from Inchmarlo was only a small proportion of their pupils

However it did take pupils from 11 years old, whereas Campbell, with its "English" bis, only took pupils from 13. So I went to Inst for 2 years. I must say that I did not like Inst. It was too big, the staff seemed to have little control over pupil disipline, and the place was gang law

My Education