Hotel Inarte Jauregia

I should preface my remarks by saying, even with GPS, this is not an easy place to find. If yoiu manage to spot it, you turn down an obscure side road, and up a narrow track for about 1km out of the town. Thankfully the road has been signed by the hotel. The car park is some way from the hotel, but that keeps the facade clean and clear of cars, so it looks just like the photos.

Iriarte Jauregia Hotel is an elegant 4 start hotel. A 17th century palace just outside a small rural town called Gipuzkoa. It is in an impressive valley surrounded by woodlands and mountains and some 25 minutes from the centre of Donostia-San Sebastian. It has a modern, but sympathetic, interior design, and 19 bed rooms with character. There is no swimming pool. We stayed here a few years ago and had a number of problems with the bimbo receptionist. This time all went much more smoothly

Iriarte Jauregia has a large garden where we had a drink on the terrace while watching the sunset before dimmer. We also had a good outdoor breakfast on the patio the other side of the building.

We took a walk both before dinner and after breakfast. As th hotel is very rural, the walks along the country roads are untroubled by traffic, only the occasional smell of silage was a minor inconvenience.

We had the tasting menu, which I enjoyed. And the breakfast was good


So from here we headed for the French border, which we crossed quickly and without delays. North to Bordeaux, which had its usual ring road traffic problems, so we took the GPSs recommended detour, which kept us clears of jams. Eventually emerging to the west of Bordeaux and on the road to Pauillac.

Next stop Pauillac and Ch Cordeillan Bages

Our trip to France 2021