Just one night here for our second visit. The Receptionist was a tattooed girl from Bimbo Central, who insisted that we could not get into our room until 16.00 as per their regulations. So we had to change is a pretty basis loo by the pool, in order to be sufficiently well dress for their Michelin starred restaurant. We were also informed that they could not find the lunch reservation that I had made in February, on their computer. Anyway after a bit of argy-bargy, we got a restaurant table. And very nice it was too (as before)

By the time lunch was over, the tattooed lady was off duty, and we got our room - same room as last time, Chateau Rougr.Chris, naturally had a swim, and we had a walk round the village. Dinner was bits from breakfast and lunch, washed down by the bottle of rose that was part of the deal.

Next morning it was a walk out through the vineyards, breakfast and off to Gaynor & Vic at 11. Took a fair time to get to the Dordogne, and we did not arrive till about 17.00. They were in the midst of a crisis, as a hornets nest had been found by the punters in the gite, and Gaynor had had to get a hornet nest removal man pdq.

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Trip to Gaynor & Vic