Domus Maris

We had a room here with a splendid view out over the harbour below. The hotel was a bit difficult to access, with no pull off the main road. Chris had to go in and get instructions, whilst I had the car on the pavement with the flashers going. They must have this problem with every arriving guest. I had to park quite a way away

Once you get shown to your room, you see why you have booked here. The view from you mini-balcony was of a staggeringly beautiful seascape of the harbour below. Our room was modern, of an adequate size (in other words not large, but not too small), and well decorated.

Apart from breakfast, the hotel does not offer other meals, but there are plenty of restaurants to choose from within a few hundred meters. And the receptionist gave us suggestions

The breakfast was middle of the road, but quite sufficient

The staff were good, without being excellent: Perhaps a little standoffish, and not particularly friendly. But certainly if we were in Sciacca again, we would stay here. The view cannot be beaten

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Sciacca has evolved from a Medieval town. Little remains of the old town, apart from a few streets around our hotel.

We walked down to the fishing port, which, although only 100 meters as the crow flies, was a long way down steps and zig-zags to reach it. Having got to sea level, I reached the conclusion that it was more scenic seen from above. We could see also the effects of recession on the town, as the public gardens, which once must have been wonderful, had now been abandoned to the weeds. Another oddity was that on Sunday night there were over 50 fishing boats in the harbour, and by Monday morning they had all put to sea.

We also walked round the town: the cathedral and the streets around. Very atmospheric once one left the traffic congested main thorough fare.

A curious local delicacy appeared to be brioche and ice cream. To my eternal regret I did not try it, and I doubt I will ever get another opportunity.

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Otto's Restaurant

We had dinner here one bleak March evening, and really enjoyed our meal and the warmth, both physical and personal, of the restaurant. I understand that it is a husband and wife team, in which he cooks and she runs the front of house. Both do their functions very well. The restaurant is comparatively new, and they do try hard to impress. The cooking is innovative, and the service both correct and friendly

We were staying at the neighbouring Domus Maris hotel, so it was but a short walk to Otto. I am glad that we stopped here and did not walk on by. The owners are people who really care about food, and I am sure will be very successful. They certainly offer extremely good value for money, and people want to get there before they get awards and the prices go up !



A bit of an abortive visit. When we got to the town, I did not fancy taking out large 4*4 down the tiny streets, so we carried on to the top of the mountain, where we found this closed off monastery. From there we admired the view, and set off back to Sciacca

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On to Favara

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