Makuzi Beach Lodge, Chintheche

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The rondivals which house guests, are slightly past their prime. But they are set on a really stunning sandy beach. One of the most stunning I have seen on all my world-wide travels. It is a small self contained bay with sand and large boulders that look as if they have been sculpted by an avant garde designer - it will take your breath away with its beauty

The rooms are in a series of individual chalets, which were built many years ago, and need some TLC to bring them up to modern hotel standards. The windows are ill fitting, with putty missing from the glass. The soft furnishings are faded. There are what was once elegant hardwood chairs on the beach, but they are now falling apart from lack of maintenance. I see from TripAdvisor reviews that there have been thefts here. Our room door did not lock properly, there is no in-room safe, and we were not warned about the liklihood of thefts

There are a couple of walks that you can do, but in all probability you will remain on the resort if you stay here. We walked up to the top of the hill that overlooks the hotel and beach, but the tall grass meant tht there was no view from there.

The dining room/bar area is where you will eat.The chef makes use of vegetables, fruits and herbs, which are grown on the property or locally. Makuzi Beach is very eco-friendly. The resident owners have built their own house on the site and are in attendance

This was the most memorable of the three hotels we stayed at on Lake Malawi, but I still think that a fair amount of work needs to be done on maintenance- before it gets completely out of control