Latitude 13 Hotel, Lilongwe


We stayed here for one night in what I assume was a self catering apartment aimed at long stay ex-pats working in Malawi.

You need a head for heights, as the bedroom is up a flight of "open" stairs with no handrail. Once you get to the bedroom, it too is open, with a very flimsy rail separating you from the big drop to the ground floor. And in addition the bedroom floor has a large glass pane inset, presumably to let light down to the ground floor, but it is quite un-nerving walking over the glass

The dining room had a better atmosphere after dark, than at breakfast. The food was fine, but un-memorable

The reception staff were unhelpful to the point of obstruction.

The pool should have been out of action as they were doing extensive re-building works on a building beside the pool, and it was full of filth from the cement etc used there. I do not know how long the pool will remain in this state.

I have no idea if there are better options in Lilongwe. I would certainly seek another hotel if I was in Lilongwe again