Serena Hotel Dar es Salaam

A very standard 4 star city hotel. It takes anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes to get from airport to the hotel, such is the chaotic Dar traffic. Politicians with police outriders cutting a swathe in and out of the traffic did not help the rest of us stuck in the jams.

The hotel offers comfortable but unmemorable rooms, and a couple of decent restaurants. The pool bar is much better than the cafe bar (we waited over 30 minutes at the cafe bar for a cup of coffee)

The overall balance with this sort of hotel is neutral. Nothing bad to remember (in itself a plus point), and an overall similarity to dozens of other hotels around the world, such that in a few months you will have forgotten it. Having said that, I have no idea how it compares with other hotels in Dar.

The restaurants were first class, and the service was very friendly. No doubt pricey by local standards but a good overall experience both for dinner and breakfast.

In fact we stayed here twice at each end of our holiday. And I would be satisfied enough to chose it again in Dar.


Africa 2017 Holiday