Siem Reap

Sala Lodge Hotel, Siem Reap - all original houses transported to the site and modernised as hotel rooms- you get a whole hose as your accommodation

The Singapore Airlines flight was from Barcelona, so we booked into the Wine Hotel again, and enjoyed their wine, the facilities and a good meal once again . Next morning a bit of an argy bargy about breakfast: our request for an early breakfast had not been made to the night staff, but eventually it appeared. Net result was we did not leave till after 7.30 and it ended up taking about an hour and a half to get to the airport - Barcelona traffic jams are formidable. The Singapore Airline desk had closed but there was still a girl there who checked us in, so we were then Singapore's responsibility to Siem Reap, as the connection at Singapore was with them.

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Many hours later we got to Siem Reap, had our "visa on arrival" processed very efficiently - you handed in your passport and the cash, then the passport went down a line of about 8 immigration officers, each adding/checking/stamping until you collected your passport 5 minutes later from the last of these stalwarts. On clearing customs we were greeted by our new guide Ohm, who took us to the hotel for the night - Sala Lodges

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Ohm plus the driver would be with us for our 4 days in Cambodia. We were very happy with him.

The Sala lodge hotel was very good and "different". Not a hotel in the conventional sense, but a collection of original Cambodian houses, bought up from around the country, transported here, reconstructed and modernised, and set in a garden surrounding. It has an infinity edge pool, good restaurant ( perhaps a little expensive by local standards) . The bedrooms manage to be both rustic and modern, comfortable, and at the same time authentic.The Swiss manager greeted us when we arrived, and saw us off when we left. The staff are very friendly

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We walked into town - it takes about 15 minutes, though they did suggest we took a tuk tuk. The walk is no problem, as long as you have directions, though it is a bit dusty - no pavements here! All in all , it is a really nice hotel, and I would certainly choose it again if I were back in Siem Reap

The walk to Siem Reap was all we needed as we had seen the Temples of Angkor Wat a few years ago. Time for a smoothie from a street vendor - big mistake this, as I got a runny tummy as few hours later, which an Imodium solved. A walk round the market, and back to the hotel, taking in a bit of local colour.

A very nice dinner in the hotel

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