Riobamba, Ecuador

A curious hotel that has expanded sympathetically from the original hacienda to a hotel of 50 or so rooms. The attention to detail in the antiques and artifacts scattered throughout the building and the massive floral displays is stunning. Good gardens, but you are a bit confined to the hotel, as the surrounding area is not very inviting for walks - we tried!

We arrived in early afternoon, the hotel was quiet, reception was helpful above and beyond the call of duty (even downloaded a map app for me to find the train at the Devils Nose). Our bedroom was large and comfortable and well heated

Suddenly at around 6pm a couple of bus loads arrived and the place did change. I then realised that their main business was buses, and that buses were more important to them (obviously) than the individual travelers.

This was demonstrated force-ably at dinner. The head waiter never came near the two of us, but loitered, well more drooled, around the two big groups (plenty of staff so lack of staff was not why). We had a problem with our main course - it and the plate it sat on were stone cold. A waiter returned it to the kitchen, head waiter still loitered round groups, main course reappeared having now been microwaved to the opposite extreme of heat and inedible. Only when we walked out at this stage did head waiter come to see us. Admittedly they did not charge for the main course, but there again they certainly should not have!

We did have a problem with noise in the morning as bus groupswere woken by banging on bedroom doors. But this was a minor inconvenience

Real pity about the dinner, it was a nice hotel, and apart from the head waiter, very good staff

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Our reason for staying in this hotel was to travel on the Devil's Nose train, and it was an early start next morning to get on the road by 8 am for the hour and a half drive to get to Alausa and the train.

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