Njari, Solomon Islands

Tiny Njari Island

This area was at the centre of much activity during WW2, including the sinking of PT-109 commanded by JF Kennedy, later US President. Kennedy Island is only a short distance from where we stopped for snorkling on Njari. The sea between Ngella and Guadalcanal is called "Iron Bottom Sound" because of the number of WW2 that are sunk there. Our original itinerary had us stopping on Kennedy, but it was changed to Njari

Our stop was on an island owned by Silverseas Soloman agent, and who came on board with his wife to get a ride down to New Zealand. I suspect this was more to do with out itinerary being changed from Kennedy Island to Njari Island, than any other reason. Njari had a pleasant beach where Chris had a swim, amd we opted for a glass bottom boat trip (glass bottom had seen better days, and view was not great due to bubbles of air obscuring the glass). A pleasant, but not great day. I had not come to the South Seas to swim and snorkel on uninhabited isands - I am not sure how many of the passengers had.

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